Soundproof music studio

Recording studio spec. soundproofed basement for a professional drummer, excavated under a semi-detached Victorian house in London.

A rock band can jam down here at full volume without disturbing the neighbours!

Basement Recording Studio

A technically challenging project with demanding requirements on structural design and acoustic performance.

Acoustically isolated "room-within-a-room" construction is decoupled from the rest of the house by a concrete floated floor standing on tuned rubber anti-vibration mounts.

Dense concrete block walls and a heavy 5-tonne sand-filled ceiling minimise noise breakout, surrounded by a continuous air cavity to reduce flanking noise transmission.

Above ground, a side return extension was added, plus a new gas central heating system, full electrical re-wire, refurbishment and re-decoration throughout.

1 to 50 scale section drawing of basement studio and extension to a Victorian house

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